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Chatbox About us

You deserve privacy in its simplest, most accessible form.

Every business needs privacy for calls, regardless of the size of their company. But not everybody needs or is willing to pay for the nuances offered by premium silent pods.

The Story of Chatbox

Chatbox was born from a wish to give everyone a chance to work in one flow without interruptions. We wanted to create a space that supports a mind on an exploration.
Due to its long life span, our Chatbox stands out ecologically and economically. It is designed to fit the atmosphere of any modern office. And most importantly – to support your ideas in reaching their full potential.

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Practically soundproof

Keep your conversations private while keeping background noise out

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Quiet ventilation

Chatbox uses the technology that ensures fresh air throughout your time spent inside.

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Quick assembly

Two people, 30 minutes and one tool. No installer needed to set up Chatbox.

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20 years of experience

Made by the team behind Silen Space, leaving only the essential purpose in its simplest functional form.

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Made by Silen

Silen is an Estonian manufacturer of unique modular silent spaces that give everyone a chance to focus in an open space. Every day, we are set on boosting creativity and on being a smart partner for businesses who care about the well-being of their teams. Or in other words, about the quality of their ideas.

Silen founders are experienced engineers who have been designing unique silent spaces for more than a decade. We have developed a form and style hand in hand with innovative technical solutions. Today we are specially proud of our top-notch air circulation system that helps to keep a clear head even on a cloudy day.

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Silen OÜ
Taevavärava tee 3, Rae vald, 75306 Harjumaa
Telefon EU:
+372 506 8689
Telefon US: +1 603 232 3490