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Privacy in its
most affordable form

Every open space deserves a Chatbox for deep work, private calls or a creative session.

Increase your productivity by 25%

With over a decade of experience, we ensure superior soundproofing to increase your productivity.


A space to focus on your work or make uninterrupted phone calls in.


Perfect for 1-1 meetings and small brainstorm sessions. Duo helps you to connect, collaborate and focus in private.


Boost your productivity in an office that is a bit too open.

A silent space for creativity to flourish

Affordable, yet sleek, high-quality design to support your ideas in reaching their full potential.

Loved by thousands of brilliant minds

Shipping and happiness guarantee

Quick transportation

We aim for lightning fast order processing time. Free shipping within EU.

100-day risk-free trial period

If you decide within the first 100 days of receiving your Chatbox that it’s not the right fit for you, simply return it for a full refund. We’ll even take care of disassembly and return shipping.*

Easy to assemble

You just need 30 min with the help of a friend and 1 tool.

2-year warranty

Every Chatbox comes with a warranty of 2 years. The warranty period starts on the next day after your Chatbox by Silen has been delivered to you.

Built to last with environmentally sourced materials

Due to its long life span, our Chatbox stands out ecologically and economically.

Made by Silen